The Future of Interactive Architecture

John-Mark Collins, Storylab’s Creative Director, gave a guest lecture on the future of interactive architecture at the University of New Mexico School of Architecture and Planning (SAP) on April 11, 2017. SAP is the only professional school in the country that exists within both the state’s flagship institution and is a Carnegie rated Category 1, High Intensive Research, Hispanic and Minority serving public university.

Using the physical structure of a location to tell a story, interactive architecture is the fusion of space, technology, motion and media. By tracking a user’s location through a physical space, contextual information and experiences are created specific to that location.

So what is the future of interactive architecture? Storylab’s mantra and John-Mark’s passion lies in creating immersive and interactive experiences that are tailor-made for particular spaces. Each situation utilizes the most appropriate hardware with custom software solutions, focusing on the visitor’s journey through a space to deliver contextual content and experiential graphics/media. Using a combination of new technologies and timeless interaction and design techniques to build new dynamic spaces, contextual and locational storytelling allows visitors get the information they need as they need it. The future of interactive architecture is that spaces will be personally responsive and dynamic.

Hosted by: Tim Castillo -

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