The Dinosaur Mural Gets the Spotlight

Storylab’s augmented Dinosaur Mural was recently highlighted in Bioscape, the ABQ BioPark’s magazine for members. The Dinosaur Mural utilizes motion detection and projection to trigger animations and additional content. Among other updates to the Reptile House, Storylab also designed and installed an interactive matching game.  

According to Richard Reams, curator of herpetology, the renovations in the Reptile House speak a more modern language to “create a message of herpetology.” The article mentions that visitors will now find once-dark spaces illuminated by interactive technology, engaging signs and welcoming displays, which Richard hopes will not only spark interest, but “perhaps warm a few hearts to the significance of the world’s cold-blooded residents, animals that are sometimes feared and sometimes misunderstood.” Storylab agrees and hopes that the interactives enhance the visitor experience and create educational and engaging exhibits.

The full details are available in the Summer 2017, Volume 49/02 ABQ BioPark’s Membership magazine, Bioscape.