Meet our Creative Duo: Jeanette Marsh and Tamara Disque

Jeanette is the principal illustrator at Storylab. She was raised in a small town in the midwest where her creativity and imagination knew no bounds, aided in large part by the vast, endless space, the winding Mississippi River, and the various, magical wooded areas she often explored growing up. After receiving her BFA degree in Video Game Art and Design at the Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg, she moved to New Mexico and soon found work as a designer and illustrator. Jeanette has designed and illustrated applications for HP, the Milwaukee Public Museum, the Institute of American Indian Art, the Liberty Science Center, the Minnesota Historical Society, and the Air and Space Museum. She has also illustrated maps for a History Channel special, titled The Gates of Hell, and also worked on character concept art for Martoos Studios/a Hollywood producer for a movie called Heaven: The First War. Jeanette enjoys drawing characters for stories she often writes and hopes to one day publish her own book.

Tamara is a graphic designer at Storylab who loves to find solutions for visual challenges. She has received level I and II certificates in multimedia design and holds a BA in Linguistics. She also has a background in grassroots organizing and sustainable technologies. Tamara believes that a clean yet compelling design can make a message not only attention catching but much easier to digest. Her hobbies and interests include weight lifting, corrective exercise, yoga, nutrition and gardening.

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